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Briaan Stipp, Viticulturist, Robertson Winery

As a viticulturist with nearly three decades of experience, a BSc Honours Viticulture, and a passion for irrigation in an increasingly water-scarce world, Robertson Winery has been fortunate to have the full time expertise of Briaan Stipp since 2005.

Briaan, whose best practices in viticulture combine irrigation management and economics to ensure optimum grape and wine quality, operates with the belief that vineyards are more drought-tolerant than is commonly recognised. His skilful adaptation to this process is what has yielded Robertson Winery wines their intense flavours and quality berries for which they are known.

For Briaan, ‘best practice viticulture’, which results in both sustainability and profitability, comes with knowing one’s terroir, market and market expectations. It is this, as well as the fact that the wine industry, as one of the oldest industries in the country, is characterised not only by generations of growers who understand their terroir, but innovative people who are inquisitive and passionate about their product.

When it comes to the wide-spread fame of the South African wines as a whole, Briaan believes that the industry’s flexibility and adaptability, as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience for the benefit of all, is what makes it unique.

And in terms of the outstanding aspects of working for the Robertson Winery brand, it is the smooth integration between the growers, winemakers and marketing teams that stand out for Briaan. From planning a new vineyard, through to the cultivation and wine-making process that results in the final product in the market, he is motivated by the inspiring relationships between the Robertson Winery people.

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We believe wine making is a natural process. Since different styles of wine vary greatly in their soil and climatic requirements, our accomplished cellar master, Bowen Botha, believes that the desired style should determine the choice of vineyard. Adhering to a philosophy of minimal handling and gentle pressing in order to capture the natural flavours of the fruit in the wine, Bowen and his inspired team of winemakers gently guide the transformation process to craft wines of exceptional quality and individuality.


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