An Amazing Harvest

While most South Africans just deal with whatever the weather has in store for them – braai, swim, tan, repeat – for the winemakers of Robertson Winery it is vital in determining how well the harvest goes. Robertson Winery’s legendary viticulturist Briaan Stipp is a happy man at the moment thanks to the 2015 harvest. He tells us why.

Autumn is upon us, how are you feeling after the summer?

This harvest won’t be repeated soon, it was one of the earliest in a long time. There was a great crop which saw the healthiest grapes that were delivered to the cellar in the 21 years I have been here. It was a wonderful season.

What went well?

We didn’t have very long heat spells and the climate was on the mild side. That resulted in nice even ripening of the grapes. We started early in mid January and finished two weeks early at the end of March. Because we didn’t have rain we had no problem with rot or disease, everything was healthy and the quality was very good. On the red grape side the berries were smaller than usual so the colour extraction was very good.

What can fans of Robertson Winery expect?

The overall quality will be up there with the best that we have ever had, due to the fact that we had such healthy grapes. There was no pressure on the cellar to take in grapes because they were about to rot, so everything was done with optimal timing and optimal fruit.

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